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Pushbutton as Switch


This example demonstrates the use of pinMode(INPUT_PULLUP). It reads a digital
input on pin A5 and ON the LED connected to 31 When pushbutton is pressed
then activate the LED again pressed deactivate the LED.

The circuit:

- momentary switch attached from pin A5 to ground
- First Press LED on second Press LED on and so on

Unlike pinMode(INPUT), there is no pull-down resistor necessary. An internal
20K-ohm resistor is pulled to 5V. This configuration causes the input to read
HIGH when the switch is open, and LOW when it is closed.


bool flag;
void setup() {
//start serial connection
//configure pin 2 as an input and enable the internal pull-up resistor
pinMode(A5, INPUT_PULLUP);
pinMode(31, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(31,LOW ); // Relay off

void loop() {

//read the pushbutton value into a variable
int Val = digitalRead(A5);

//print out the value of the pushbutton
Serial.print("\n Value");

// Keep in mind the pull-up means the pushbutton's logic is inverted. It goes
// HIGH when it's open, and LOW when it's pressed. Turn on pin 8,9 when the
// button's pressed, and off when it's not:

if (Val != HIGH) {
if(flag !=HIGH)
flag =HIGH;
flag =LOW;

//print out the value of the pushbutton
Serial.print("\n Flag");