• Custom Solutions for Office Automation

Developing custom software can be a complex and challenging experience. The software development process at SYSTEMWORK GLOBAL has been approached in a disciplined and organized way that avoids project failure and loss of investments in the project. SYSTEMWORK GLOBAL has assisted various clients achieve success in custom application development.

  • Configuration Management

Preparing a Software Configuration Management Plan - Organizing a project -Setting up resources as defined in the plan-Preparing a scheme for Configuration Identification - Project Execution -Configuration Management of software items -Control -Configuration Status Accounting-Configuration Audit and Reviews

  • Testing Methodology and Quality Assurance

A test plan is prepared along with a Development and Quality Plan, which portrays the types of tests to be performed for the application. Unit testing is continued until the defect rate meets the quality standards as per CMM Level 5. Integration testing is carried out using integration test scripts. A system test is then executed. The application is taken for further types of non mandatory tests as per the test plan i.e. stress testing, performance testing and maintenance testing etc. The last step of the testing cycle is acceptance testing which is carried out at the customer's location. The testing documentation is delivered along with the project delivery.